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Ann Telnaes' Editorial Cartoons

Published 2004-03-18 (Image 18970)

Iraq War Anniversary. Apr 2003. He has weapons of mass destruction. May 2003. War. June 2003. Freedom. Congress Clowns. Freedom Fries. July 2003. (American flag with surveillance cameras.) Aug 2003. (conquistador with gas nozzle.) Sept 2003. The people of Iraq are free. (woman in burqa.) Oct 2003. The CIA had cleared the Presidents speech in its entirety. (head on a platter.) Nov 2003. Bring em on!! (Bush in cowboy hat.) Dec 2003. (Saddam Hussein wrapped up in Christmas package.)  Jan 2004. Snow job. Feb 2004. (Bush Cheney Rice caught with their pants down.) Mar 2004. War is swell. $85 million profit Halliburton.

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