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Dwane Powell's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2004-11-02 (Image 9532)

How to Build a Latrine in Iraq.  1. Establish a need.  Sir, we need a real latrine.  Charlie Co.  2. Find a contractor.  -Halliburton -KBR -Halliburton -KBR -Halliburton -KBR  3. Contractor funds sub-contractors.  Excuse me, Dick … Hello, Kuwait, Inc?  Charlie Co. needs a latrine.  Just tack on your 30% mark-up.  4.  Sub-Contractor Lines up Security Sub-Contractor.  Get some men to guard the Builders of Charlie Cos Latrine!  Pays $600 a day.  Call, that was my old outfit ... at $50 a day.  5.  Bring in the Equipment.  Kuwait, Inc.  Where do you want it?  6.  Get it operational.  Paper?  Thats under another sub-contractor.  7.  Contractors Bill Government.  ... One latrine, $25 + contractor and sub-contractor mark-ups = $50,000 ... Thats reasonable.  8.  Whistle Blower Puts Bill into Question.  Tack another $10K for stone wall.  9.  NEWS FLASH.  President to request $75 bil. more for Iraq mission!

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