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Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2019-08-04 (Image 178897)

Ronald Racism. Ronnie, yeah. Its Dick Nixon. Listen, understand your feelings about African diplomats  To see those, those monkeys from those African countries -- Damn them, theyre still uncomfortable wearing shoes. - Actual quote from 1971 phone call with President Nixon. Historical hypothetical conversation within the commentary boundaries of an editorial cartoon: I dont know why any sentient America would be surprised by this sort of language by you or me ... Weve been code talking this since 1964 ... Right ... Goldwater was against the 1964 Civil Rights bill ... JFK threw in with King in 63 and that was the ballgame. Then you came up with the Southern Strategy, which was the dogwhistle racial bigotry that won you the election in 68 and 72. It was so obvious. Our political survival has relied on it ever since. Good god, Ron! You cant just say that out loud! You have to have a little discretion. You have to be subtle! Not anymore. Send them back!

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