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Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2020-11-15 (Image 186080)

Vice President Kamala Harris. Number 2. A look ahead … 2021. Sen. Harris takes office as VP; swears in her California U.S. Senate replacement … SO help you god. Ill only be 86 in 2024 … o.v. 2022. Harris lobbies GOP senators on Biden legislative package. Brappa! Feinstein hugged me! 2023. Harris denies Emhoffgate charges; husband says he had no knowledge of losing the Comcast remote. Look. I was just chillin and nuking leftovers … It could be in the sofa cushions. 2024. Harris defeats Don Jr. and Guilfoyle; Biden pledges smooth transfer of power. Look, listen, number 2, heres the keys to Corvette One. 2025. Vice President Ocasio-Cortez challenges Nancy Pelosi to a duel. 2026. President Harris takes up golf. If I have to talk to McConnell one more time Im gonna explode … are Chuck Taylors ok for golf? 2027. Harris drops out of 2028 race. Ok, so Im 90 … Its the new 78 … annnd were back.

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