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Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2021-08-29 (Image 190677)

Theres no debate! Heres the debate every Californian wants to see!!! Larry Elder vs. Caitlyn Jenner tonite. Actually, I dont want to see it … Theres a documentary on train wrecks on Netflix Im kinda interested in … First question: Whos the most incompetent? Ive never held elective office! My main management experience is being the punchline on The Kardashians … and Im inept and uninformed! Win for Jenner. Second question: Whos the most like Donald Trump? I am. Im the most flatly demagogic … I am. Im the least prepared and was on a reality show … plus Brad Parscale. Win for Jenner. Third question: Whos the best at the decathlon? Me! Ive avoided the most hurdles and have the fastest mouth! I got nothin … Win for Elder. Fourth question: Whos got the best plan to deal with fires? I do. Im a dumpster fire. Um, who invited him? I do. I know Smokey Bear. Cox Bear. Win for Bear.

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