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Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2021-09-12 (Image 190887)

Joementum! Cali-Delaware casual! I already have this in the bag, but I can check out the plane for 2024 … Hey, man! Heres the deal! Listen! Look! I cant believe I have to campaign in California. Nice hair, man! United States. Welcome, sir! Thanks for the help! No problema, pal! Kamala says youre Jake! Or Gav. My pop used to say … This guy! Folks, this is my last stop on my disaster tour, so listen up! Gotta vote yes on no! Am I clear? Yes on no! Um. That good enough? Kamala spoke for 12 minutes … Maybe a little more red meat? Red meat? In-n-Out for every single Californian! In-n-Out Burger. Why didnt I think of that? Gotta go! Gotta declare a disaster in the Texas legislature … Folks, vote up and down. Um.

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