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Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2021-09-19 (Image 190986)

There is no exit … Hey, California! Lets check out those recall exit polls!!! 1. No: Im so very tired: 34%. Yes: I have anger issues: 22%. Meh: Nut I aint moving to Texas: 44%. Howdy podnah! 2. Question two: Who did you select to replace Gov. Newsom? The rage of Mouth Central: 46%. Kevin Whatshisname: 22%. John Coxs bear, but not Cox: 9%. Caitlyn Jenner: .000000001%. Oh, you know. That dope: 23%. Elect Kevin Bacon … One degree of separation! Kevin X. 3. What is your position on vaccines? The same as my position on the other 12 vaccines I had to get: 37%. Do you want to die? I that your deal? 27%. I am afraid of falling off the edge of the earth: 36%. 4. Which phrase best describes Gov. Gavin Newsom? Hiring for 2028: 24%. Will only eat at Dennys going forward: 21%. Has to crank it up again in three months: 20%. Wants to hug Larry Elder: 35%. 5. Do you support President Biden? Yes. I like having a sane president and love boring: 62%. No, I hate linear thought: 38%. Newsom can have it 2040 …

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