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Jeff Danziger's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2013-11-18 (Image 104195)

The Annotated Cheney Family Thanksgiving 2013. Heather Poe, also known as the one responsible for all this mess who beguiled Mary Cheney into a life of sin and depredation (in some states) recently revealed to be related distantly to whatshisname Edgar Allen and possibly a black cat.* Lynn Cheney (the mother) seen here preparing the dinner. Known for political opinions to the right of Eva Braun, but now really too old to care any more. Liz Cheney, candidate for the US Senate under the misguided notion that the people in Wyoming are stupid and not paying attention. She has told them forty thousand times that she is a Wyoming person who sleeps with her horse. But they think she is from Washington D.C. because she is. I (heart) Wyoming. Vote for another CHENEY or go ______ yourself. Dick Cheney, federally insured heart patient, seen here self-medicating with his secret wife Scooter Libby. George W. Bush, former vice-president of the United States (correction - President of the United States) (well, you know) and family friend, invited for dinner, but restricted to pretzels, and silence. Mary Cheney, a happily married (she says) woman who seems bent on running her sisters campaign for the US Senate. *for the love of God, Montressor!

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