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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2004-01-01 (Image 92660)

Slowpoke. Foxnews.com commentator Steven Milloy knows the REAL motivation behind global warming disaster flick "The Day After Tomorrow." The movies unmistakable purpose is to scare us into submitting to the Greens AGENDA: Domination of society through control of energy resources!* *Actual quote. Yes, its true! All the worlds climatologists, birdwatchers, and recyclers secretly belong to the Khmer Vert - A bloodthirsty cabal driven by a ruthless lust for power! TIME TO KILL! University of Oregon Environmental Science Dept. 500 LB. flax seed bomb. RFV (Recumbent Fighting Vehicle.) Organic Pear Launcher. FOOM! Their shady leader, know only as "The Supreme Conifer," would issue harsh decrees to the populace. With your tracking collars, we will know whether you go to tonights John Denver Tribute Concert! You MUST attend ... Or DIE! If they arent stopped, the Khmer Vert will go on to invade Holland in order to seize its windmills. BOOM! No blood for wind. We wouldnt want THAT to happen, would we?

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