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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2004-01-01 (Image 92667)

Slowpoke. Its Spongy the encephalopathic politicow. With the aid of her press secretary, Spongy launches the first-ever bovine bid for President. MOOOOOO  Spongy says: "Pay no mind to my hideous, brainwasting disease. We must end all regulation of industry!" Downed Cows for a Better U.S. We (heart) Spongiform. Much of the electorate is unfazed by Spongys non-human status. She might not be the brightest, but she surrounds herself with smart people! She seems like an honest everycow, and thats what matters. I like beef, so I like Spongy. Spongy shoots up dramatically in the polls with a surprise visit to troops in Iraq. Army. Hooray! Yay, Spongy! Coming soon: The debates! This country needs health care reform now! Moooo ... Mooo .. Moooo ... Spongys opponent may be articulate, but hes too angry and impassioned. Ill take gentle mooing any day. I agree. Spongy wins, hands down!

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