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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2007-01-01 (Image 92350)

Slowpoke. "She like how he blogs, her texts turn him on." reads a new Calvin Klein ad aimed at "Technosexuals." Now others have picked up on the trend  Looking to get your geek on while you get your freak on? Then come on down to Drooly Julies TECHNOSEXUAL Pleasure Palace. Weve got: STATUS MESSAGE SHIRTS. These digital marvels project availability to potential suitors! Hubba hubba! drooly1 Ready to Rumble! drooly1 Offline. THE iPHONE Eros TM. Comes with a one-touch booty call feature that makes your honeys phone play ribald ringtones! Booty Button. Pink Satin. Leopard Print. Studded Leather. Lets Get It On ... L33T PORN FOR ULTRA-GEEKS. 5U513 d035 51L1c0n V4LL3Y. Woot! BLUETOOTH BIBRATORS let you wirelessly program up to 18 different setting from your computer! Intellibuzzer 5000. 1. Gentle Hum. 2. Random Flurries. 3. Seismic Blast. ... AND EMOTICONDOMS! TM. "Lets get goofy." "Patriotic salute."

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