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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2008-10-13 (Image 91256)

Slowpoke. Midway through his speech, McCain becomes mysteriously possessed with the spirit of an ACTUAL maverick! My friends, if you want real change in Washington - URK! Oh, who the hell am I kidding? My campaign is run my lobbyists and the same slimebags who ran Bushs! Palins speech was written by a former BUSH SPEECHWRITER, for cripes sake! Of course I picked her as a ploy to win over Hillary supporters. And yes, that was a big, honking insult to their intelligence! Does anyone really think a woman who denies humans cause global warming, supports abstinence-only "education" and book banning, is literally in bed with BP, and demands absolute political loyalty ... Is any DIFFERENT from the clowns currently in charge?! HA! In short, my party blows. I regret the 90% of the time that I voted with Bush. And - URK! As I was saying, Washington is broken and were gonna fix it. And just as mysteriously, the possession ended.

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