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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2009-01-01 (Image 86637)

Slowpoke. Choose your own HEALTH INSURANCE ADVENTURE! Unemployed. Self-Employed. Crap Job, No Benefits. @#*!. Traditional Salaried Job. Amalgamated Consolidated Systems. Injured by runaway forklift, unable to work. Job outsourced to Mumbai. Time to buy your own! Welcome to Life Is Us, Inc. Apply Now! And let our family take care of yours. You have a plantar wart. Over 40? A Normal Person? Youre young and Godlike in your physical perfection. Keep Job. Makin Mad Benjamins! Insane Monthly Premium. Denied. Uh-oh! Pre-existing condition! State "High Risk" pool ridiculously expensive. Uninsured. You lose, sucka! ... But Broke. Attempt to treat yourself. D.I.Y. MD. The End. Congratulations! You have health insurance, just like the politicians, lobbyists, and executives opposed to a national health plan. But wait! You develop gangrene; plan finds a loophole, denies coverage. The system works great!

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