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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2009-01-01 (Image 86642)

Slowpoke. Teabagger Ironies. Their biggest fears about health care reform are already happening. Bureaucrats will decide who gets care and who is left to DIE! No. WellNexus tm. Health Insurance. De-nied! Stamp. They despise "big government" but had no problem with Bush as an all-powerful "unitary executive." Wiretap all you want, but DONT TREAD ON ME by offering me a competing insurance plan! They claim to care about saving taxpayers money while fighting a bill that would save everyone money. I dont get this "stealth tax" idea about runaway health care costs. Waste of money can only come form th guvmint! Skritch! Skritch! They talk about "individual empowerment" but would leave the self-employed individual powerless. WellNexus tm. Health Insurance. Your application has been DENIED due to your pre-existing condition of existing. Shouldve gotten a salaried job with bennies!

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