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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2011-10-24 (Image 89606)

Slowpoke. Year of the Mombies. The "Protect Life Act," recently introduced in congress, says doctors can let a pregnant woman die if saving her life kills the fetus. Blastocyst = life. Fully-grown woman: Expendable fetus-mobile! But if pregnant women dont count among the living ... technically that makes them undead. Baby ... want ... Chunky ... Monkey ... Pick ... les ... Which raises important legal questions, such as: Do undead baby-incubator zombies need to pay taxes? Report all W-2 income UNLESS you are but a vessel for an actual human  being. And clearly pregnancy tests will be required at the polls so that only living women vote: Im afraid youll have to pee on the stick, maam, before you can proceed to the voting booth.

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