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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2012-06-25 (Image 86663)

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE-ITY. These days, theres no shortage of businesspeople who think they know how to run a college. Heres an idea: Lets run this place like a CORPORATION! Wealthy donor and board member. So, its only fair to ask  What if CORPORATIONS were run like CLASSROOMS? ITs agreed: Were firing the CEO and replacing him with the world authority on Balzac. Executive Bardroom. Today we unveil a new product: Long-lasting KIERKE-GUARD DEODORANT. KIERKE-GUARD. With extra weight-of-existence protection! Undoubtedly, protests would ensue. What a frenzied mob! Oh, nothing a little Masterpiece Theatre cant fix! Nerds Out! Bag the Bards.

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