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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2013-04-01 (Image 95410)

Good news:  Theres only a handful of people left in the U.S. who seriously oppose gay marriage!  Bad news:  They all sit on the Supreme Court.  Surely they have lofty reasons for objecting.  Lets ask Scalia.  Homosexual sodomy?  Come on.  For 200 years it was criminal in every state.  (Actual quote from Oct. 2012)  Okay, then clearly hes try to protect our constitutional right to condemn gay sex.  Its right here!  Section 6.  Each citizen shall be free to exclaim "Ew, pervy!" at the thought of hot and sweaty patriot-on-patriot (or Lady-upon-Lady) acts of sexual congrefs.  So lets compromise: Gays can marry and Scalia can come to the ceremony and voice his concerns.  Any objections to this marriage?  Yes!  Its grody!  Thank you, sir.  I now pronounce you legally wed.

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