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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2013-12-23 (Image 105597)

Snack Gentrification. It happened to doughnuts and hot dogs. Now the humble cupcake has been reborn as a hip urban delicacy. Before: kiddie food. After: Call of the Cupcake. Boutique Confectionary. Foie gras-lollipop-schnapps cakes are here!  How will the upscale junk food trend continue? Alt-country pork rinds. Bonnie Prince Billy Brand Pork Rinds. Acoustic singer-songwriters start selling puffed pig skin on the side, leading to widespread acceptance among the literati. Corn Nut Connoisseurship. Experts can tell what corn variety a nut comes form by its bouquet. Today were trying some jubilee supersweet, country gentleman, and xtra-tender 272A. Thats jubilee all right! Sniff! The Craft Peep Movement. The Easter treat goes year-round, as local artisans produce signature batches of micropeeps. Dirk Jenkins. Peepmaster, and his creations. "The Peoples Peep". "Cyclopeep".  (Published originally on January 1, 2010.)

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