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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2015-10-26 (Image 134536)

U.S. Democracy Recalled.  Just 158 families have given half the funding for the presidential candidates.  This means the emissions of the 1% are dangerously high.  Today we are recalling the American Electoral Process as it contains a defeat device.  With this thing in place, the country isnt going anywhere.  Engine of Democracy.  $.  The scandal goes all the way to the top.  With Citizens United, the justices knowingly approved a corrupt design!  And they thought we wouldnt notice!  Many experts say the recall was long overdue.  Our current system simulates democracy in a lab, but in the real world, it doesnt meet basic standards.  Dr. Carla Matlack Political Scientist.  Without a fi, our political atmosphere will become hopelessly polluted!

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