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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2016-02-29 (Image 140038)

The New Normal. The country has gone off the deep end, and its mostly business as usual. Republicans say Obama cant nominate anyone to the Supreme Court. Punditspew. This will be quite a game of hardball! Things keep getting weirder, but we still treat the election as a horse race. And today the GOP frontrunner fired rubber bullets into a crowd of cheering fans! Even the people who were hit LOVED it! Thatll play well in Plano! Sometimes it seems like nothing will break the facade. I will abolish the IRS and see revenue solely through plunder! Perkins is controversial, but his message is winning! Perkins 2020. Are there ANY limits to this farce? I will not deploy my army of nanobots into the bloodstreams of the non-white. Hmm ... thats a little extreme. Careful! Lets not violate the new libel laws!

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