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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2016-12-19 (Image 152541)

The Republican Guide to Screwing the Working Class. 1. Destroy the economy. 2. Block everything the incoming Democratic president tries to do. Im Mr. Bipartisan! Please work with me. No. 3. Sit back while the media ignores obstruction, people blame "do-nothing government." They all suck. Washington gridlock ... 4. In radical move, refuse president his Supreme Court pick. Sorry, you might actually help the little people. 5. Cackle with glee while the left directs most of its outrage at Dems for not doing enough. So much more fun to fight my own! Attack Republicans? Bo-ring! 6. Field "outsider" candidates who run against "the establishment." The system is rigged by elites! 7. After election, immediately appoint wealthy elites who make system more rigged than ever. Drool. To gut: Bank regulations. Labor laws. Social Security. Medicare. Affordable Care Act.

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