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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2017-01-09 (Image 153298)

Repeal and Destroy. Obamacare freed many to start their own businesses. What will the GOP replace it with? We have a plan for you. Its called Cubicle-Care. Then theres the Super Saver Special. Isnt this gig economy great? You can save for your own healthcare now! And retirement. And a house. And playing off student loans. U. Uber. Maybe they should have to live with the same plans theyll be dumping on the rest of us. What do you mean pre-existing conditions make my premiums $2000 a month?! Im sorry. May I suggest a fewer steak dinners with lobbyists? Insurecorp. Or not live, as the case may be. Couldnt afford $10,000 insulin. But hey, pharma stocks are up!

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