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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2017-05-29 (Image 158771)

A Brief History of Liberal Demonization. 1988: Rush Limbaugh began broadcasting nationally. Liberals are arrogant, condescending smart alecks. Feminazis! Also sluts. 1996: Fox News launched. Liberals are elites who despise you and want to give your money to welfare queens and start a war on Christmas! Fox News. Up next: Why do liberals hate the troops? 1998: Ann Coulter published first book. Liberals are slanderous! Treasonous! Godless! Demonic! As it says here. Slander. Treason. Godless. Demonic. 2017: Liberals self-demonize. I did call some conservatives misogynist bigots. Gasp! And I made a plumber butt joke! Trump is our fault! Op-ed. Liberals, we must stop with the elitist condescension.

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