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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2017-06-05 (Image 159002)

For decades, the right has tried to brand environmentalism as "effeminate" and weak. "Manly". Fossil fuels. Diesel pickup. Trashing. "America First". "Feminine". Renewable energy. Prius. Recycling. Paris Accords. What if we branded environmental awareness as masculine? Its hard to be a tough guy ... when you cant breathe. Ill punch you in the face! Gasp! Wheeze! As soon as I find my inhaler. Trucks are for wimps. Real men us real muscled. Outta my way, softie! Dont be a "climate cluck"! This is a battle, and fossil fuel-addicted weaklings are running from it. Koch Industries. $. Time to man up! Tesla.

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