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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2017-06-30 (Image 160142)

Cults of America. This week: The Market Liberation Army. The M.L.A. is led by the charismatic Charles Mansion, who claims to channel the late economist Milton Friedman. Free your trade and your soul will follow! Members live in a compound called Dow-Jonestown, where they are indoctrined with market fundamentalism. How do we know what to do, O chosen one? Talk to the hand ... the invisible hand! Let it lift your spirit and guide you in the ways of the holy profits. They develop paranoia about those on the outside. The evil minions of the anti-hand are everywhere. We must fight their public schools and post offices! These raiments made from Wall Street Journal editorial pages will protect us from their Socialism rays! Tyranny of the Poor. Reagan lives. Any skepticism is quickly quashed. Ive been thinking bad thoughts, o chose one ... like maybe we should do something about global warm - Hush! The market works in mysterious ways. But it will always love you.

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