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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2018-03-19 (Image 169848)

Assault on Reason. Some argue that the students protesting school shootings just dont appreciate gun culture. If these kids did some target practice, theyd see that guns arent scary. Theyre like warm, fuzzy puppies that bullets come out of! Never mind that the students arent against guns used for hunting or sport. Look, were just trying to keep mass slaughter machines out of the hands of people who only recently stopped eating their own boogers. Never again. Protect kids. Then theres the you cant criticize guns unless youre a gun expert lines. Oh hey, thats a Bushmaster AR-15 with 100-round dual drums.Can I live now? Yes, if everyone just understood guns, mass shootings would no longer be a problem. Pow pow pow. Hello! I like hunting and - ack!

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