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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2018-07-23 (Image 173158)

Let it Beef. Gerrymandering: It doesnt exactly get breathless coverage  and some say partisan redistricting may cause millions to be disenfranchised. Up next: Trump called the Queen of England a sea cow! Maybe it would get more traction if it were a Twitter Beef. State GOP Monopoly @stateGOPmonopoly. Hey @BlackandBrownVoters, were going to gerrymander your asses so hard, youll WISH you were 3/5 of a person! 253 21.7k 46.5k. Black and Brown Voters @BlackandBrownVoters. @stateGOPmonopoly. Go back to 1860 where you belong. 779 52k 89.7k Supreme Court @SupremeCourt. Weve got your back, @stateGOPmonopoly. Just keep the explicit race stuff on the DL. The evening news might be different ... and today Trump called the Iranian president a pustule. But our top story tonight: A major Twitter beef over voting rights!

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