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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2018-09-10 (Image 174053)

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh becomes momentarily possessed by the spirit of honesty. I cannot answer that question as I must remain impartia - urk! Oh, who am I kidding? These hearing are a farce! Im obviously a partisan hack! I received stolen democratic emails and lied about them under oath! Hell, I was a Vince Foster conspiracy theorist back in the day! Im O.G., baby! Roe is toast. I just called birth control o form of abortion, for gods sake! You are even debating my views on this? Ha! Suckas! And hell yeah, Im gonna end democracy as you know it. More dark money, more voter suppression ... and all hail the invincible Trump! And then the spell is over. Wait - Where was I? Oh yes, I cant insert myself into politics!

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