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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2018-12-20 (Image 175578)

Hate the Nanny State? Youll love The Aristocratic Old Grandpa State. Everywhere you look lately, theres a member of the Prosperity Police telling you what to do. Tut-tut! Not working hard enough! These success Nazis are obsesses with social engineering. The more I keep, the better everyone does! Also, young ladies should stop having sex, except for with me. Tax Code by me. Ayn Rand Reader. Scribble-scribble. They keep crushing individualism with their corporate collectivism. Im just like you, except with astronomical amounts of money and power. Plus: Immortality. Galactibank Corporate Charter. Mom & Pop Co. Yes, its time to get big plutocracy off our backs! Pay more taxes, you pathetic mooch! I would, but you laid me off!

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