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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2019-11-18 (Image 180518)

Facebook: 2003 - 1984. 2003: Originated with dorm room project rating women. Facemash. Whos hotter? Click to choose. Or. Gateway. Harvard. 2007: Seemingly innocuous way to see what became of your high school cruses. Facebook. Game McCoole is supporting McCain. Poke Gabe! Whoa, he sure went downhill! 2014: Becomes conduit through which all journalism flows, sucking up ad revenue. I will click on the story that everyone is sharing now. Boop! 2016: Conspiracy theory hellportal. Facebook. Hillary, Soros, and Podesta hold ecstasy-fueled orgy with Guatemalan child lepers in UN-controlled noodle hut. Somebodys gotta put a stop to this! 2019: Full embrace of the far right. The Federalist Society. Sponsored by Facebook. Brett Kavanaugh doubleplusgood! 2021: Ministry of Information. We have always been at war with Democracy!

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