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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2020-06-23 (Image 183850)

This Week in Authoritarian Newspeak: Weve all seen this: That person or thing is problematic. Cancel culture! This term is an ideological weapon that lets one appear open-minded while shutting down discussion. The Trump campaign shouldnt be using Nazi symbols in a Facebook ad. Cancel culture! Cancel culture! Na na na na, I cant hear you! Curiously, its only cancel culture if conservatives disagree with it. What about the right canceling climate science, peaceful protests, medical experts, journalism, trying to cancel PBS and NPR … Thats not cancel culture! Thats getting rid of the deep state. Maybe the real cancel culture is throwing around lazy insults like cancel culture. You just use mindless catchphrases to dismiss all criticism you dont like. Politically correct! Young woke!

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