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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2020-12-08 (Image 186401)

Corruption Coddlers. Predictably, were now starting to hear this: Trump should not be prosecuted – it would tell the nation apart. Biden must be a soothing, aloe-scented emollient. A. Peaser. Serious political expert. Funny how the rest of the justice system does not seem to work this way. Im afraid we cant prosecute this bank robber. He has too many friends who would get upset. Especially if youre black. Selling loose cigarettes, I see! I say water under the bridge, old chap – for the good of the republic! Carry on! Meanwhile, in an alternate universe where a democratic president is accused of even a minor crime … Nail him to the wall. Its the only way to restore decency to the White House.

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