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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2021-05-11 (Image 188983)

Moral Panic Comix Presents Wokester Madness. Is your child aware of implicit bias, systematic racism, and historical inequities that still affect the present? He or she may be woke. You know, youre using a term that came from black activists as an insult. Something a woke youth would say. These hoodlums want to corrupt our youngsters with inclusive language. Hey kid, wanna hear my pronouns? We must defund their universities and pass laws against teaching these dangerous ideas! Wait, isnt that literally shutting down intellectual discourse – the very thing you falsely accuse college protesters of doing? Wokeness – its a gateway drug to the hard stuff: Labor movements! Equal rights! Trans people coming out! Hmm … I think Ive seen this movie before …

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