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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2022-02-01 (Image 192956)

High Tech Medievalism. Were now using the smartest technology created by science to promote some of humanitys dumbest non-scientific ideas. Marvel of engineering. Raw stupidity. Superstitions and false cures are communicated at lightning speed. Ye Sorcerer Grondor Experience. A spot of toadflax elixir will heal all! 11 million podcast subscribers. Sophisticated algorithms empower the most retrograde theocratic nonsense. Only God can affect the climate, and women who work outside the home are vain harlots! Follow me on TikTok! If youre going to be medieval, maybe you should have to use the media from the Dark Ages. Hear ye, hear ye! I have posted a new scroll! Ye healthful young need not obtaineth plague vaccine!

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