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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2022-04-12 (Image 193940)

Grad student workers are unionizing because they cant afford living expenses in their own college towns … and that concludes our lesson on the gilded age. Now, does anyone have a futon I can crash on? Meanwhile, the donor class tends to have other priorities. Help a teacher not starve? Meh. I prefer giving to greatness – by putting the Flansbury family name on a new stadium! Perhaps theyd give to actual workers if they viewed them more like buildings. T.A. Renovation Project. Stressed out about making rent. Calm. Ramen. Well fed. Before. After. But it may take naming rights to fully entice them. Welcome to Psych 101 discussion section. Im Janine, but youll have to call me Philip Weatherbottom IV.

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