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Kirk Anderson's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2004-07-23 (Image 7756)

A Brief History of the 9/11 Commission.  Theres no need for a 9/11 commission.  Okay, well have a commission, but Henry Kissinger will head it.  Okay, Hanks out, but it not getting full funding.  Okay, full funding but theyve only got til May!  Okay, two more months ... but Condi aint testifying.  Okay, Condill testify, but only if nobody else at the White House has to.  Okay, I will, but only for an hour.  Okay, more than an hour, but only if Im with Dick ... and not under oath and not being recorded.  Okay.  Ill show you my PDBs, but only to four members in a locked closet.  Okay, we blame it on a failure to share information but we dont name names!

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