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Matt Wuerker's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2018-10-03 (Image 174361)

I just cant keep up! News. Tawdry scandals. New charges. Avarice gone mad. Vile vulgarities. Sleaze & greed. Filthy foulness. Unhinged schemes and scams. Scandal Weekly. Its simple. This Russian dossier on Trump and the porn star has a tape of them partying with PJ and Squi at some pizza parlor full of pedophiles. Trump grabs Comey by the tushy and a fight breaks out. Papadopoulos tells the Australians who tell Wikileaks. The National Enquirer buys the tape which Don Jr. hides in a vault in Trump Tower along with Manaforts laundered Ukrainian payola and his python coat. Meanwhile, Hillarys email ...

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