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Matt Wuerker's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2018-10-30 (Image 174792)

All the News Thats Fit to Tint. The Fake News. Washington Today. Dense fogs followed by storms of untethered intemperate bellicosity. Vol. CL. No. 51, 871. Democracy Dies in B.S. Non cents. Invasion by criminal terrorist caravan! By Donald J. Trump. U.S. Army. Mexico. Tired. Poor. Yearning to breathe free. Fever Swamp: Oct 29 - A seething hoard of rapists and murderers poured across the border, people say they included known terrorists and ... GOP to pass huge middle-class tax cut. By Donald J. Trump. La La Land: Oct. 28. Standing up for the forgotten man, Donald J. Trump raised taxes on the top 1% and Wall Street. He alone could do it. U.S. only country that gives birthright citizenship. By Donald J. Trump. Fools Paradise: Oct 30. Heroically dispensing with the U.S. Constitution, Donald ... changed. Trump plan will protect pre-existing conditions. By Donald J. Trump. Thin Air: Oct 28. Unknown to staff ... Voter fraud by noncitizens out of control! By Donald J. Trump. Never Never Land: Oct 29. Weve never seen anything like it!

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