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Nick Anderson's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2011-08-21 (Image 64807)

So. Governor Perry. You used to be a democrat? You were even Al Gores Texas Campaign Chair in 1988? You supported farm subsidies, and even collected them for your own farm while you were in the Texas legislature? You briefly interrupted the promotion of you book, which criticizes federal overreach, to demand federal assistance for wildfires? Fed Up! Youve attacked Texas cities as "Sanctuary Cities" if police dont inquire about immigration status on routine stops... even though your own department of public safety has the same policy? You rail against government intrusion into private lives... but you mandated Mercks HPV vaccine for young girls (while two of your former aides were working for Merck)? You criticize federal spending... while balancing the Texas budget with $17 billion in federal stimulus funds? At first, you supported New Yorks right to pass a same-sex marriage law... then reversed yourself when religious conservatives howled? Youve hinted that Texas could secede from the Union... but now you want to be President of the Union? Rick Perry. What do you really believe in? Rick Perry.

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