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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2006-01-01 (Image 92678)

Slowpoke. Welcome back, class, to politics 101 with Professor Perkins. Today well be discussing the phrase "THE BLAME AMERICA FIRST CROWD." We find it stems from a certain bogus assumption. Rowes Conflationary Law: Bush = America. America = Bush. In fact, the two are total opposites! America. Open Government. Civil Liberties. Human Rights. Talent Rewarded. National Parks. Checks and Balances. Opportunity for All. Freedom of Press. Scientific Achievement. Separation of Church and State. Bush. Secret Government. Illegal Spying. Torture. Cronies Rewarded. Destroying National Parks. All-Powerful Executive Branch. Opportunity for Already Well-Off. Intimidation of Press. Rejection of Science. Merging of Church and State. Therefore, when a Bush supporter says you hate America, its proof that you love America! "Blaming America First" = Criticizing the Bush Administration. = Criticizing the Opposite of America. = Supporting America.

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