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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2013-07-01 (Image 98928)

Giving Gas A Pass. Youve heard the rhetoric, even from the President. Today we use more clean energy - more renewables and natural gas. Sure, natural gas burns cleaner than coal  But where does it come from? From the dirty and largely unregulated world of fracking. So ... Youre exempt from the Clean Water Act, and you wont disclose the chemicals youre pumping into the ground. Halliburton. Burns clean! Lots of things sound harmless if you gloss over how they were produced. These diamonds Im wearing are currently conflict-free. Maybe its time for a little honesty. This bus runs on clean natural gas.* *Not counting water contamination, highly carcinogenic chemicals pumped into the earth, toxic pits and condensate tanks, methane leaks that add to global warming, spills, air pollution, using millions of gallons of water, poisoning people near wells.

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